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Neil Mayger, CEO

I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 1999. In the last few years nearly every business owner, I’ve spoken with, questioned why they’re website sales have dropped.

I decided to analyse 500 Australian local business websites, in regional areas. The problem was as suspected. Over the last 6 years, more than 80% of Australians are now connected to the internet using their mobile phones and tablets and they don’t or can’t view your website. See reasons below…

Only 7 of 500 were not losing valuable leads /customers. It’s crazy and it’s insane. Let me ask a few questions that’ll be IMPORTANT to you.

4 Reasons Your Website Is Not Making You Money and How To Fix It

What’s the Basic Goals of Your Website?

  • To get as many targeted visitors to your website as possible?
  • Get those visitors to open your webpage, read your message and act?
  • Incentivise those visitors to provide their name and email address, so you can bring them back again and again and turn them into raving fans? This is basic internet marketing 101.

You’ll agree… it’s a waste of time and $money sending people to your website if…

    1. If they can’t open, read and act on your message?
      You see… Google has recently announced three big issues that are blocking 98% of your customers. They are…
      1. May ’16: Google mandated… websites that are not mobile-friendly will NOT be found in the search results for those conducting a search from a mobile device. Even those that are mobile-friendly have many blocking errors.
      2. Oct ’17: Google’s Chrome Browser shows this blocking warning on all websites that do not have an acceptable SSL certificate… This stops hackers from stealing your website visitors personal information. Prospective customers leave (they bolt) immediately when they see this.
      3. May 18: Google watches every visitor to your website. Google knows if your visitors leave before your webpage loads because they were frustrated by a SLOW loading webpage. This effects your search ranking plus Google adds a red flag SLOW to the front of search results.

You’ll agree… spending good money and time to send targeted prospects to your website where they don’t or can’t read your message… is INSANE.

You could add all the bells and whistles to your website and it would not make a difference because no one can view them.

  1. You’ll agree… it takes up to 15 contacts to make a sale. So how do you follow up with your website visitors?

How do you contact each of them personally, on mass and automatically?

  • In person
  • SMS Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Events
  • Invitations
  • Social Media
  • Thank You Cards
  • Podcasts
  • Skype
  • Surveys
  • Greeting Cards
  • Push Notify
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • and many more…

You’ll Agree… You’d Need a List and a System… Wouldn’t You?
But Not Just Any List. An Automated and Segmented List.

A List of people that asked you to contact them.

A List and a System that is managed for you.

A List that builds and updates itself automatically 24/7, even while you sleep.

A List that you can build a relationship with, because people buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. It’s not just “High Tech” it’s also “High Touch”

A Segmented List allows you to send the right message to the right people.

A List: if business is slow or cash flow is tight, allows you to print cash on demand.

A List and a System that enhances your email reputation.

A List + a System is The most valuable asset a business has. Facebook’s a list.

    1. Learn How To Fix This Problem & Explode Your Sales?

You’ll Learn

  1. How to Get Your Message Delivered to the Masses.
  2. How to Get Your Marketing Message Read.
  3. How to Stop Visitors Abandoning Your Website.
  4. How to Get Your Website Visitors to Take Action

Now a Little About Us and How We Can Help You.

By Locals for Locals

If you’ve read this far you probably have a problem. You’re fed up with all the B.S and Fluff with little results to show for your marketing investment of time and hard earned $money? You’re not alone. Most don’t even know they have a

My Coach & Mentors: You see…. in 1991, (before the internet) I had a similar marketing problem. That’s when I decided to seek out the “Worlds Best Direct Marketing Coach”, Jay Abraham. It cost an absolute fortune but it paid off big time. Plus since 1999 I’ve been coached by a few great Internet Marketing Masters.

My Results: Since then I’ve delivered $millions in results for Hospitality Properties, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Tour Operators, Project Home Builders, Real Estate Agents and one of Australia’s biggest Insurance & Finance Companies.

My Passion: However, I still prefer the challenge of building small, regional, local, businesses into bigger businesses where the owner can finally sell for a considerable capital gain.

Customer Service: This is a “High Tech, High Touch” business and I love celebrating successful campaigns with my team and my clients. If there’s one thing that get’s my blood boiling that’s crappy customer service with robotic answering machines and faceless people who can’t speak english and who are not invested in your success.

That’s why you’ll find our one or two of our Customer Service Team live in your region. They are trained by us. They’ll visit you at least once a month to discuss how to further increase your business.

Our Team

Neil Mayger, CEO

Neil a Direct Marketing Expert, mentored by Jay Abraham, 28 years ago. Neil has created $Millions in sales for small to large regional businesses and started Internet Marketing in Feb 1999, mentored by Corey Rudl.

Local to… Canberra

Local to… Wagga

Local to Central Coast, Wollongong

Local to Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton

Local to Warrnambool, Geelong Regions

If You Know Someone Who’d Like To Learn Internet Marketing Who Loves Helping SMB Local Businesses in Your Region
Please Ask Them To Call Neil on 0405 108 899