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Attention Local Businesses
in Regional NSW and Regional Victoria

But there is a solution and a strategy for local business owners. We’ll be conducting Internet Marketing Webinars every Thur at 8pm. You can attend online from the comfort of your home. Ask our local agent /coach how to enrol OR Call 1300 133 986

You will agree…

large multinational corporations are sucking the life out of our regional economies. Hotels, Motels, Resorts, are losing 25-30% of their booking revenue to OTAs. (Overseas Travel Agents that don’t hire locals or pay tax in Australia)

Big chain supermarkets, hardware and pharmacies contribute less than 40% of sales. That’s in wages and utilities to our local economy.

It get’s worse. Amazon, ebay, shopify retailers contribute nothing to the local economy. They don’t hire locals or source local product. They will rip the heart our of our local economy. All at the expense of local jobs, local business owners and our community. But we need your help… Please!

There’s a reason this is happening. We’ve analysed 565 local websites so far using Googles tools. Only 17 passed. To say I was shocked…is an understatement statement ? Their website is blocked. Their message is not being delivered or read.

You’ll agree… that’s proof of..

  1. Local business owners have low Internet Marketing knowledge and skills
  2. Low budget for Internet Marketing because they don’t understand it.
  3. No local 1-on-1 internet marketing support.
  4. No local Internet Marketing training.

It does not have to be this way… You can Win
A young Sydney women moved to a small NSW country town with a population of 6,700. She purchased a small local “Mum and Pop” business and exploded her internet sales. Years later she employs 140 locals.
Another business I consulted to, in a small NSW village of 287 people. I took their sales from $280k to $1.8 million p.a. That increased their business valuation from$295k to $2.75 million. There are other local business case studies…

The Secret is Direct Response Marketing…
The biggest point of failure. Ensure your marketing message gets delivered and read by the targeted recipient. This applies to letter box drops, direct mail, email, websites, and others. Get a free website analysis saving you $199. Then…

Survey your list to find out their responsiveness and buying preferences and tag them. You can’t sell ice to eskimos. Then…

Test your offer on a small targeted list, low cost, until you get at least $5 return for every $1 invested. Then scale up and never stop testing.
BEWARE of those who will try to reduce your marketing costs.

True story: My retired father aka bookkeeper and I would meet every morning for coffee. He asked me “Do you know how much you spent on postage last month?”.
I said: “I guess about $4,700. Why do you ask?”
He said: “$4,725 to be exact… that’s horrific”
I said: “Dad I wish I could’ve spent twice that but we’re booked out”.

BTW how much did we bank from that campaign?

He smiled and said “$1.34 million”
I said: “Would you invest $4,725 to get a return of $1.34 million ?”


My father, thought I was gambling. He did not know I’d already checked…

  1. Checked deliverabilty to the intended recipients.
  2. I’d surveyed and tagged my list of 76,000 for buying preferences
  3. I’d filtered my list of 76,000+ by tags down to 10,500.
  4. I selected a random 500 of the filtered 10,500 prospects and sent them the offer. Postage cost $225 Result 124 booked at $987
  5. I knew when exptrapolated to 10,500 that would be $1.2- 1.4 Million.
  6. So my only risk was $225 of one $987 sale.
  7. Your next step is… how’s your deliverability?

Are Your Prospects/ Customers Able to Access Your Website. On their mobile phone, Fast and Securely.

  1. Today almost everyone in Australia uses the internet.
  2. Statista says as at 16 July 2021, there are 32.47 million Australian registered mobile phone connections
  3. Can mobile phone users load your web page in under 3 seconds? If not you failed the first basic Google test and you lose
  4. Is your website mobile friendly. If not… you failed Googles 2nd basic test and you lose
  5. Are your prospects /customers able access your website without hackers stealing their info. If not… Google will warn them your website is not secure and they leave in a rush. You lose big time.
  6. If you failed any of the first three Google tests (above) your website is almost useless. It’s costing you plenty in lost business.

But first lets analyse your website while it’s free. Saves you $199. No Credit Card required. Click to get started now