Neil Mayger, 60 years of copy writing, sales and marketing experience. From paper boy to copy boy for Rupert Murdoch.

Prize winning salesman, direct marketer and copy writer. From direct mail to internet marketing. Producing copy for tens of millions in sales.

Shock! Google Update.
We’ve Analysed 565 Websites, Only 17 Pass, 548 Fail.

We used some very professional analysis tools including Google’s

The following issues could be blocking the majority of your enquiries. It’s not rocket science… It’s basic marketing 1O1.

The following are some of Googles major search engine ranking factors.

Speed: Your webpage should load in less than 3 seconds or visitors will leave. If not you lose.

Mobile: 87+% of your webpage visitors use a mobile device. They will leave if your website is not mobile friendly.You lose.

SSL Certificate: Blocks Hackers Stealing Personal Information. Website visitors will not give personal info (ie name email, credit card) if your website is NOT secure…
You lose.

CDN: If your website is not served by a CDN (Content Delivery Network). You will lose extra security and speed.

Engagement is Important: Google wants see visitors engage with your webpage. You should offer something of value for little or no cost. Something that requires their name, email or postal address to send it.
You lose.

List Building: Your website should build a list of prospects and customers. So you can continue to build a relationship with them.
If not you lose.

These are features that Google wants, to increase your search engine rankings.
If you’re not found in the search results how will people find you?

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